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Kinglong Bus XMQ6127J-Cummins Engine


Dear users of Kinglong Bus:

Thanks for your choice of Kinglong Bus!

King Long  company takes human-orientedpenetrates active service to every tache of before sales and after sales is our service principle. In order to fulfill our services in a better waywe have made “ XMQ6127J  Parts Catalog. This catalog has included the name code specification quantity of the parts constituting the assembly or systems and the installation relationship pictures among various parts for your reference at maintenance and buying parts.

To make certain you can buy correct King Long bus partsyou should pay attention to the following notes when you buy XMQ6127J  series buses parts of King Long company:

1. “XMQ6127J  Parts Catalog” is only applicable to XMQ6127J  series buses of King Long Companyit is unavailable for other types;

2. With the increasing improvement of product structure or technology and new requirements raised by usersthere may be some difference between partial structures of products you have bought and the related introduction to them in this book. In such a casethe practical object should be followed. You are kindly required to make such information as bus typeproduction No. and part code known to us for the correct supply of your desired parts at buying.

We will replenish and perfect this atlas constantly at a proper timewe are truly sorry to bring you inconvenience before the correcting ;

3. To make certain the quality of the parts you buyplease purchase the parts at king long service stationsfranchised dealersspares department at Kinglong bus headquarter and retail center.

“XMQ6127J  Parts Catalog” is designed by Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co.Ltd. And you are kindly required to point out the unavoidable defects for the increasing perfection of this atlas.

We sincerely express our thanks for your concern and deep favor for Kinglong Busand also wish you and your unit a thriving business and plain sailing!